Increase your savings being more competitive

ITBID Reverse-Auctions module optimizes the results of a negotiation in one category of purchasing, fostering global competition and assuring to achieve the “optimal” result (products and/or services).

In a competitive global environment, small variations in sourcing results can provide a sustainable competitive advantage in front of our competitors in terms with immediate effects on the value for the end customer.

ITBID Reverse-Auctions Engine optimize the result in the final round of several categories, providing a greatest competition and transparency management, both in products and services.

ITBID Auctions allow considering and pondering differences between offers from several suppliers, in order to keep in mind other factors in real time (quantity, fulfillment, etc) for evaluating and organizing the proposition that have been received. That’s why there are other kind of auctions, from classics (by price, also know as “English auctions”) to multicriteria auctions by score (totally parameterized), or dutch auctions.


  • Generates saving by boosting transparency and global competition
  • Improve the market efficiency
  • Larger number of suppliers involved in the final round
  • Access to suppliers without any territorial limitation
  • Improve the process efficiency, shortening the cycle
  • Transparent and auditable process

Video: itbid Reverse Auctions 

Reverse Auctions (eAuctions) is a key tool to achieve savings and purchasing optimization. Watch in this short video how reverse auction works on ITBID platform.

Choose in real time the best offer, taking into account economic and technical factors

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