Purchasing Contracts Management - eContracts

Swift and efficient control of your contracts and purchasing agreements

ITBID Contracts Management eContracts module provides agility, control and efficiency on integral lifecycle management of contracts or purchasing agreements with one or more suppliers.

Today, in this global, dynamic world, proper management of your contract cycle is key to ensure that we are capturing all the value generated through optimal negotiation awarded conditions. (price, terms and conditions) 

Contracts Management allows, if desired, sharing the documentation with the supplier and requesting its approval, to ensure that both sides agree with all points.

Price Lists based on the agreement can be uploaded or dowloaded directly from the system through and Excel. There's also an option that allows you to make massive modifications on prices with just one click.


  • Associates contracts and agreements with negotiations
  • Total control and traceability of key contract parameters
  • Manages calendar of contracts to process renewals in an organized fashion.
  • Manages approvals and decisions of all users involved (purchasers, departments, suppliers, etc).
  • Total traceability in the register of communications and decision-making
Responsible and Supplier awarding
Authorizations by amount
Automatic warnings via e-mail
Supplier’s Compliance
Contract creation from negotiations
Attached documents: supplier sharing
Contract life cycle
Noticed and prior noticed dates
Price List: Creation from RFx MRO
Price List: Excel import and export
Price massive modification
Contract events register
Contract renewal
Renewal Status
Purchase Agenda (renewal status)

Documenting agreements is the key to ensure their fulfillments

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