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ITBID was created from a completed and modern framework to optimize the development of web applications based on the Model-View-Controller, separating the business logic, the logic of the graphics server and the web page. Being a software for corporate use, the security, both physical and logical infrastructure of the application, has been specially considered.

Multi-tenant Architecture
ITBID features multi-tenant architecture, meaning that all software users, regardless of the organization to which they belong or position in the organization, share the same code and infrastructure simultaneously. However, to ensure confidentiality and improve security, each ITBID client has its own database.

Software as a Service (SaaS)
ITBID is more than an on-demand infrastructure. It is a service that is ready to use with just a few settings, without having to worry about availability, load balancing, backups and other technological issues. The SaaS model allows for automatic updates each time a new version of ITBID is available, without the user having to do anything. Thus, new features and enhancements to the tool are introduced frequently but transparently to the user.

No need to install a Software
ITBID doesn't require users to install any software. Only a web browser is needed. ITBID is supported on modern versions of all web browsers for PC, Mac, tablets or smartphones. 

Modular Structure
ITBID customers can choose which features or modules they want to activate, so the solution is tailored to their needs and they only pay for what they actually use. Thus, users can control which types of negotiation will be available in the system to users, as well as access to complete modules like Projects or Contracts.

Each client's SLA is reflected in the contract, with availability > 99.5%. The service always responds to our clients' needs in the most demanding, professional manner.

Multi-language solution
ITBID is a multi-language solution, available in 10 languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Russian, and Greek. Tags, text and application messages are editable for each client.

Cloud Installation
The standard ITBID cloud solution is hosted on the Claranet infrastructure, meeting ISO 27001 standards and with SAS70 Type II audits completed. Meets telecommunications infrastructure standards for Data Centers EIA/TIA-942 Tier III and IV (N +1 redundancy, infrastructure availability > 99.995%). Currently ITBID facilities are housed in Claranet data centers in Barcelona.

Standalone installation
It is also possible to commission ITBID to be installed on infrastructure provided by the client. This option is geared towards large organizations that want to keep all the software they use in their own facilities or those of their chosen cloud-computing provider.
Data described below refers to the various ITBID production environments provided as SaaS through ITBID's own cloud.

Data privacy
ITBID stores each organization’s data in a separate database, which are protected with multiple levels of access control. No organization can access the data of another. ITBID infrastructures and facilities comply with European regulations on data privacy and the Data Protection Act.

Encrypted communication
Communication between the browser and the ITBID platform is secured with a high-grade encryption (256-bit Secure Socket Layer - SSL). All connections are protected by authentication and authorization, preventing communications from being intercepted or read by a "middle man". All user actions are recorded along with their IP addresses and other details of the session.

Data backups
ITBID backs up all data changes daily. Backups are stored in two different SAN locations. Backup storage is designed to survive the loss of data in one of the facilities, so the production database can recover from failure in a new location in less than 2 seconds.

Ongoing monitoring
To ensure that all ITBID processes are running optimally (services, memory, space, availability, response time, etc.) the ITBID platform is constantly monitored by three different tools in all production environments.

Audited security
The ITBID application security is audited each year by a prestigious independent company, checking for hardware and software vulnerabilities under the most demanding conditions. Each client receives a certificate from the auditing entity regarding its specific environment.

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