Under controlled Purchasing Negotations

Authorize different purchasing phases and users access

Authorizations Workflow is a module in addition to the ITBID eSourcing core that allows reporting and requesting accordance for different negotiation phases in one purchasing negotiation (RFx or auctions) or contract. Authorizations Workflow extend granted permits deeply according the Purchase Rank that have been included in such core:

  • Launch: negotiations must be authorized before the formal communication to the suppliers
  • Offers opening: the offers made by suppliers are not accessible until the authorizers allows someone to display them (Contract Comittee)
  • Awarding: the proposal about the winners and the communication to suppliers about the tender should be authorized
Autorizacion concedida vía smartphone

Authorizations Workflow module is structured-based on Branches, so that each Branch can define when are the authorizations required keeping on mind the negotiation amount (baseline), and also economical limits that function as process trigger. 

Additionally, authorizations runs by Authorizers Groups, who must setting up the Group sequential process of the authorization needed and the number of signatories in accordance (for instance, 2 signatures of 3 authorizers) in each Group in order to authorize the round.

Finally, one user can be invited to indicate its accordance in any specific negotiation ("ad hoc" authorizers) to reduce risks and make easier the compliance of the internal purchasing and investment framework organization.


  • Ease of legal framework compliance on purchases
  • You can enter a number of needed signatures of total candidate signatories 
  • Cascading effects on Authorizations, according to amount (baseline)
  • Authorizations granted directly from email - smartphone 
  • Automatic and auditable documentation of the authorizations
Asignación de usuarios a Grupos de Autorizadores
Autorizaciones en cascada, en función del importe de la compra
Autorizar apertura de ofertas
Autorizar Contrato
Autorizar lanzamiento de negociación
Autorizar propuesta de adjudicación
Configuración del Núm. de Firmas necesarias
Creación y Edición de Autorizadores "Ad Hoc"
Creacion y Edicion de Grupos de Autorizadores
Disparo de autorizaciones por importe y Centro o Unidad de Negocio
Autorizar / Denegar por email en Smartphone

Automation of purchasing framework compliance

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