Catalunya Caixa Bank



Catalunya Caixa is a medium-size financial institution, with a solid establishment at Spanish national level. Due to the need to improve its efficiency, it must propose a new reduction and maintenance costs plan at a key moment for the organization.


The solution that ITBID delivered was setting up by its own Central Purchasing Body. In a two-year project, Catalunya’s Caixa expenditure budget was analysed differing between costs which were manageable and all those which cannot. Following that, competence manageable costs had reviewed too. Obtaining results was the priority in early negotiations to convey a positive image of the change. Purchasing negotiations processes were unified and documented while functions between the manager and buyer were delineated.

Throughout the project, ITBID intensive devoting resources increased from the beginning of the project to the oversight of all internal resources created by the own financial institution, and Purchasing targets from different users aligned themselves with those from the company.


There was managed a baseline of 80M€ in more than 14 different categories, obtaining a saving average of 18%. Several expenditure typologies that were never been managed before were introduced on the Purchasing Central Body, achieving internal customer’s and branches’ full satisfaction.

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